Bio-Rachel Mc Ardle

My name is Rachel Mc Ardle and like Aoife I am a second year PhD student at Maynooth University. I completed my undergraduate degree at the National University of Ireland Maynooth,  with a BA Geography (Arts). In 2013-2014 I completed an MA in Society and Space, a research programme run by the Department of Geography, the Department of Sociology and the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA). In 2014 I entered a PhD programme as a John and Pat Hume scholar, as a member of both the Geography Department and NIRSA.

(Now for the fun stuff). My tentative PhD title is “Liquid Urbanisms: Liquid Urbanisms: A case study approach looking at the different connections and timeframes of artistic initiatives. The project will look at three different strands of artistic use of urban space and how these uses fit into the paradigm of temporary urbanism.” I want to look at how different strands in Dublin interact and intersect with each other, and how this is done in the context of neoliberal Dublin. I am interested in urban and cultural geography. My co-supervisors are Professor Mark Boyle (Maynooth University) and Dr Karen Till (Maynooth University).

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts (Geography) Degree in 2013 and from a Masters of Arts Society and Space Degree in 2014, both awarded by Maynooth University. My Undergraduate Thesis studied the local film club, Maynooth Film for All, run in connection with Kildare County Arts Service and my MA research looked at Granby Park, a temporary pop up park, located in Dublin in 2013.

The above bio already shows enough of my research and I think Aoife and I both see this blog as an attempt to not always focus just on PhD work, which is very easy to do (which will be obvious when we post more I’m sure!). In the “rest of reality” I like to socialize, go to the cinema, read, go the gym, cook and clean. Around stressful times I’ll be the most productive chef, baker, fitness addict, tutor, Netflix addict, basically everything else. Still trying to get the balance right, but I guess I see it as a cycle. Seeing as Aoife admitted an addiction in her bio I feel  obliged to do the same, so I am 500% obsessed with Harry Potter and have been for years. It was part of the reason I loved reading so much and that’s a hobby I still love and part of the reason I am where I am.

Anyway, that’s enough for now,



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