Having a Life Part 1

Although our PhDs are the most significant part of our lives at the moment, we still have to live. We decided to illustrate this through our blog.  Personally, I spent a lot of my early twenties studying and working and I missed out on a lot and I regret that enormously but I also know I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had chosen to take that summer out in the states or to have gone out more regularly in Maynooth. I am jealous of my friends who managed to do it all but I just couldn’t. I still live with that but I make sure I make time now.

I work very hard but I also have a great life outside of my PhD both with people from college and people from outside of it.  Over the Christmas break, I took a break (well-deserved Rachel says). I went to two Christmas parties with work (one myself and Rachel organised, one organised by the Geography department).  I spent time with my family,  I shopped, I drank coffee and too much alcohol, I ate way too much junk food, spent time with my friends, I went to a wedding in Galway, I spent a few days in bed with a horrific cold, I danced, I laughed,  I cried but I felt normal, I felt 24.

Some pictures of Christmas 🙂


I swore I was going to work so hard over the Christmas break.  I am snowed under and until I hand up my corrections after my VIVA I will always be snowed under.  But because of this, I was going to skip Christmas and I nearly did.  Christmas Eve was spent correcting projects for students and then on Christmas day I decided to take a break – I meant for like 2 days  but it ended up being until the 30th and then I had a wedding, so I didn’t get back to it until the 4th like most people with normal 9-5 jobs.

Although, I am wrecked with academic guilt for not doing more, I needed that break.  When you are undertaking such an endeavour, breaks seem wasteful, days off become non-existent, you have to make yourself stop.  You have to try and not feel guilty, you have to have fun, it keeps you sane while the PhD tries to make you insane.  Anyways, Christmas is over, it’s back to work but I have a few plans over 2016 that are completely separate to my PhD and I can’t wait to share them with you 😉



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