Having a Life Part 2

Ah New Year’s, it’s kind like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Normally I wouldn’t be pushed either way but this year my eldest brother got married on New Year’s Eve (Aoife also attended a wedding on New Year’s Eve, lots at this time of the year).

It felt like all of the Christmas period was just a big lead up the Wedding, which made it even more exciting. I’m the youngest of five, and there are 4 grandchildren as well, along with my siblings’ partners, so there’s 14 of us including my parents. You can imagine what my house was like on New Year’s Eve! Manic is putting it kindly. But we made it to the Church (a half an hour before the Bride) and a great day was had by all. My brother and my sister-in-law got loads of extras for the reception, which really topped the day off such as a photo booth with funny props, a sweet cart for kids and a comedian (who dragged me up to complete a dance routine which I did not enjoy but the rest of my family thought was hilarious! I have refused to look at videos/ photos and am simply pretending it didn’t happen). More important than all that material stuff obviously was a chance for our whole family to be together and to spend time with each other, and also it was an opportunity to get to know the new members of our extended family. Seeing all the stress in the run up to the wedding would put anyone off getting married, but seeing how much fun the couple and my whole family had makes it all worthwhile.

Another part of New Years is usually New Year resolutions but after being strict in terms of food and exercise in the run up to Christmas and the gap between the two, this kind of went out the window! I suppose New Year’s Resolutions can be a good encouragement, but it’s more important to maintain a level of health all year round, rather than try lose any weight you may have put on over Christmas with the newest Juice Cleanse/ Tea Detox (heads up, they’re really bad for you!). Just do what you can, it’s all about Balance. Eat Kale when your body needs it, Chocolate when your heart needs it! ❤


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