SWIG Ireland

SWIG Ireland

On Friday the 6th of May 2016, we had our first meeting of SWIG Ireland, at the conference of Irish Geographers 2016. SWIG stands for Supporting Women in Geography, and grew out of a women’s networking group based in Maynooth University.  In contrast, SWIG Ireland will be nationwide and across numerous institutions.

At the event we had Dr. Lorraine Dowler, Associate Professor of Geography and Women’s Studies at Penn State University, explain how SWIG works in her university. As an established group, SWIG at Penn State works towards improving conditions for female academics across the faculty, with a strong graduate membership. Lorraine kindly offered to put us in touch with the organisers of SWIG at Penn State, and was on her way to Glasgow to talk about SWIG, another potential connection.

The main focus, at present,  for  SWIG Ireland is to set everything up. There are three 2nd year PhD students as the leaders (for now): Rachel Mc Ardle, Aoife Delaney and Lorna O’Hara. We have also received tremendous amounts of help from Dr. Karen Till, a senior lecturer at Maynooth University and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her support and guidance.

At the event we gathered a mailing list, and we will be in touch in due course about an event in September, which we are excited about. We want to say a huge thank you to the CIG for helping us get the word out, and to Dr. Niamh-Moore Cherry in particular for being so helpful in this regard. Thank you also to everyone who attended the event.

If anybody is interested or wants to know more, please email: swig.ireland@gmail.com, or follow us on twitter: @SWIGIreland.

Watch this space!

Rachel, Aoife and Lorna

*Photo from left to right: Dr. Lorraine Dowler, Aoife Delaney, Lorna O’Hara and Rachel McArdle.


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