The Rubberbandits and Repeal the 8th

The Rubberbandits have long been favourite comedians of mine, combining their humour with intelligent social commentary, but at Electric Picnic (EP) 2016, I saw them in a whole new light. EP was amazing overall, but the Rubberbandits stand out as one of the best acts, probably the one I enjoyed the most, for the fact that they talked about #repealthe8th. Please, watch the video, you will not regret it!

The whole weekend, which is attended by 55,000 people, was full of people wearing Repeal jumpers, worn by men and women. I was really surprised by the amount of people displaying their views so openly and unashamedly. This wasn’t an academic event or an activist event, it was just people showing what they believed in. The atmosphere of the place when the Rubberbandits was on was incredible, when they played this song, it was even more intense. The song talks about the hypocrisy around not talking about the abortion referendum and the fact that it is this attitude of covering up issues that have had such a horrific past in Ireland. I think the Rubberbandits using their social platform to talk about such an important issue, one that is at the forefront of Irish politics today, stands to the fact that people my age so badly want a referendum; two-thirds of the population according to a recent survey. The line “sometimes it’s best not to discuss your opinions about abortion” is catchy for all the wrong reasons, and this song sums up what’s wrong with the discussion of abortion in Ireland today.

To summarise, watch the video it’s gas and #repealthe8th



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