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Aziz Ansari

Of all the horrible ‘Weinstenesque’ stories of late, the one that really got to me was the Aziz Ansari story. Link here in case you have missed it. I think that this affected me not only for the reasons below but because (like Louis C.K.) I couldn’t believe someone I was a fan of, and … Continue reading Aziz Ansari


The Rubberbandits and Repeal the 8th

The Rubberbandits have long been favourite comedians of mine, combining their humour with intelligent social commentary, but at Electric Picnic (EP) 2016, I saw them in a whole new light. EP was amazing overall, but the Rubberbandits stand out as one of the best acts, probably the one I enjoyed the most, for the fact … Continue reading The Rubberbandits and Repeal the 8th


I wasn’t sure I was going to ever tell anyone this story nonetheless write it down and publish it but here I am overcoming societal driven shame! That’s right I said SHAME, shame created and enforced by society. However, I would not be writing this if it were not for the courage presented by one … Continue reading Shame

Postgraduate networking event 4th March 2016

Maynooth University is divided into North and South campus, our office is based in NIRSA (North Campus) which is an institute within the social sciences, meaning it has close connections with the Geography Department (South Campus), myself and Rachel’s alma mater, you could say.  As a result, both of us would still be closely linked … Continue reading Postgraduate networking event 4th March 2016